Xt60 caps

XT, i use the cap to recognize which battery is full or empty. Definitely save time instead of recheck the voltage of each battery. If you want to buy cheap xtcaps , choose xtcaps from banggood. It endeavors to provide the products that you want, offering the best bang for your . Easy Saftey Cap to prevent from shortcuts and also to see which Lipo is full and which is empty EDIT: New Version that fits better all Types of .

XTand 4s Balance Lead Lipo Cover, Cap , Protector. Comply with FAA regulations when traveling by air with these XTcaps , or use them to keep track of which batteries are charged or depleted. These caps help keep track of your Full and Empty batteries and protect the ends from debris and arcing when not in use. Now made with Flexible TPU.

Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World. I 3d printed these XT-caps to travel, but it turns out that they are good for so much more! If you have trouble remembering which one of your Lipo batteries are charged or discharged then these XT.

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Protect your Lipos from accidental short circuit and know the status too with this three color Indicator caps for XTfemale connectors. This is a pack of XTbattery caps to identify which of your batteries are full and which are empty. They also offer great protection for your battery connector. XTMale Connectors with insulating caps , pieces in a package.

This male connector is used on charger and ESC side. This connectors are made by Amass , . These soft, easy to remove, very handy multi-colored XTbattery safety caps protect battery packs against short circuit, dust and moisture. Helps indicate which batteries are full and which need charging. Protects the XT-from accidental shorts during transport.

Von uns mit einem 3D Drucker aus TPU gedruckt. XTSchutzkappen in verschiedenen Farben. Zum markieren von leeren und oder vollen Akkus. Premium battery caps printed in TPU. Make your batteries legal and safe to take on the airlines.

Printed in your choice of colors. Pack your lipos safely with the TPU battery caps.

Use these handy TPU Flexible XTcovers to indicate if your battery is full or empty.