Wire in tube point control

Mercontrol is a mechanical system for operating points and signals in most scales. Modelling Questions, Help and Tips: Hi everyone, Im at the stage of considering point control for my OO . Turnout control on small layouts. I have purchased all (I think) of the necessary bits . MODRATEC Australia – description and pricing of our WIT ( wire-in-tube ) and associated. Sig-wit allows for easily controlled operation of semaphore signals by the .

Does anyone know how to do wire in the tube point operating. Then go next furthest gradually working along the points towards your control. Designed to provide the parts needed for testing and trial . Point Motor Pulser Type D – MODRATEC.

Stock Status Currently In Stock. Test set-up of wire-in tube point operation on N gauge Peco code track using Modratec WIT parts. Also covered is the associated Wire in Tube (WIT) operation and installation. Four of these control single points and two control facing points (crossovers).

Suitable for O gauge models.

A wire in tube system that can operate gates, points (turnouts) and signals etc. Offers linear low friction control. I have manual point control using wire in tube on one of my layouts so a . An approach to Wire-in-Tube point operation.

WiT method outlined above, . PTFE tubing for Mercontrol wire in the tube point control per yard. GEM Steel wire for Mercontrol wire in tube per 10ft roll. You can also slip a brass tube over wire that extends through the foam to. I use wire in tube in N gauge, Peco N points have a hole each side near . Handthrow turnout control.

They have a nice wire-in-tube lever starter pack. I have a layout that I converted to hand rod thrown points using Peco . Wiring Cobalt for standard control panel use. Even point control , whether it is solenoid or motor driven, can be reduced to.

Assuming for all these discussions from here on, just one control point has been. Of course there is another way of connecting the track power feed wires to the rails,.