Wire elephant head

The intricate work creates a striking piece of wall decoration. It has been skilfully and intricatley sculpted from wire and makes a striking piece of artwork once mounted on the . This striking elephant head has been sculptured from wire. They make an eye catching addition to a room.

This wire elephant head sculpture is great as a gift any animal or art lover is sure to enjoy!

NOTE: For shipping purposes, the ears are not attache and easily . Skilfully sculptured from wire. Made in unfinished wire this rustic elephant head is gloriously simple but stunning to look at. Perfect for garden rooms, hall ways or even for your chic shed. This is a wire sculpture of an elephant head. It can be easily hung off of any wall or surface.

Its all made as one piece, and then had the beads set into the wire.

Clean with soft, dry cloth. Made from thick, rust-coloured wire. Funky, rustic wire elephant head. Accent the living room or office with a whimsical, eclectic piece.

Whether left on its own or arranged among other ornaments, this wall décor adds instant appeal. A shipment of elephants and livestock, which appeared at the Charleston, S. If elephants try to break through the wire , the disturbed bees become angry . Our Wire Animal Trophy Heads collection of striking animal heads are . With one of the largest 3D printed physical dimensions available from . Oh-la-la, you are crazy non, pushing an elephant! The next morning we put up a single electric strand around the lodge grounds at adult elephant head height. The crew has almost finished applying the galvanized lath to the giant elephant armature.

With the wire in place the profile of the elephant is . Finally she stepped back, shook her head at me, and walked away. The bravura coloristic style of Hellenistic Greek jewelry is ideally represented by this lavish necklace with elephant – head finials. Elephant Head Wire Design.

First we immerse it in our own special marinade and then we char-broil it to perfection bout as well as we can…… $18. The trunks are formed of a thick wire with a notched molding. A soft plush elephant hat made out of grey fuzzy fur with curled trunk and white tusks.

Haiti using only recycled paper, recycled steel wire and arrowroot starch glue. This sculptural pachyderm is made from densely packed wire mesh. London Underground purchased the African elephant and put it on . Above: The wire -mesh elephant at Waterloo Station. Its a lovely piece of public art an .