Winged c el34

Click the image to enlarge. Availability: Usually ships within hours. With a gold-plated molybdenum alloy grid and carbon-coated . Variants, Description, Stock, Price, Quantity. Perfect for Guitar Amps and Hi-Fi .

EL- Winged C – Made in St. Great sounding and extremely durable power tube. Recommended for amplifiers with high plate voltages and for those who . They provide ample clean headroom with a smooth . They just shine in Marshall type circuits like you have, and all the way throughout the . Winged C fanatic here, but since production on them is stopping I need to find something similar. I have EH, tung sol RI, JJ, and chinese and .

Svetlana Winged C Platinum Matche selected tubes. Audio frequency power amplification service in either pentode, ultralinear or triode connection and single. Anyone compared the tone between them? Getting harder to find – Stock up now before they are HISTORY.

Petersburg, Russia, which . All are teste burned-in, and matched. Are these the same banana? Or is there something better or worse in the SED? Highest quality Russian vacuum valve.

These are getting hard to find! Matched quad of “Winged C” Sveltana brand EL34. Going to be going into the studio . I got a set of mullard new productions and am not happy, they . One of the best modern production EL34.

More headroom, more dynamics, good bass response.

Excellent for audiophile application as well as guitar amps. See reviews and prices for the SED Winged. Powered by eBay Turbo Lister. LANGREX TRY TO KEEP POSTAGE AND PACKING CHARGES AS LOW AS POSSIBLE.

IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY WITHTHE . I see where Amplifiedparts is offering a tube replacement kit for the Stereo 7 featuring the Winged – C brand. You get a matched quad set much .