Using 50hz equipment on 60hz

Basically, running the electric machine slower . Running 50Hz appliances on 60Hz power system. Is it possible to use 60Hz appliances on a 50Hz. What happens if I use a 50-Hz fan in a 60-Hz. What will happen if we give 60HZ supply to a.

The Philippines uses 2volts 60hz electric, but our two appliances say 50hz. Washing machine almost certainly 50Hz only, the fridge maybe. Fridge motor probably an induction type, and so would try to run faster . Frequency directly represents no of rotation of rotor for that machine, the higher the frequency the more the rotation of the rotor, i. The problem may arise when using fixed voltage and frequency. Practices have proved using Hz and Hz frequencies are appropriate. Hz motor on a 60Hz source?

Using such high-grade core materials when they are not required.

International Electrical Frequency, HZ vs. Hz equipment could finally pitch the dynamoters. The message is: If you are not sure do not use your electrical equipment in other.

Due to the frequent questions about running motors at the other frequency this FAQ was created. We all know about the supply frequency which is essential for any electrical machinery. This means the supply of electricity reaching the equipment is repeated times. For some electric motors you can find needed circumstances such as voltage and bearing life time and . Hz ) compare to 50Hz Induction motor are normally used.

From the point of view power transmission use of higher standard frequency . Bell could have followed suit, but instead he chose the 50hz. The internal circuitry uses the 50hz to inform it what a second is. A motor designed to run at 60Hz will have reduced cooling when running at a slower Hz. That same motor will probably draw more current . AC frequencies varied considerably, according to equipment used. They decided to use 50Hz instead of 60Hz to better fit their metric . The project was such that only immediately available equipment could be used.

Hz – which was not the case.

Therefore running a transformer at a frequency lower than its design rating can . If you use a fixed-speed generator, you could attach a frequency convertor to your unit. Transformers rated for Hz ONLY are sometimes chosen to be installed in a location. Move your mouse cursor through the bar above from left to right.

The newer equipment is hz. The phase hz stuff I have successfully use however, I was told a very long time ago as long as the use. So, how can I convert 50hz to 60hz ? Your equipment , if it has a motor running will not run properly and risk burning up.