Solar powered fan hat

Now you can keep cool all summer long. Doesnt require any batteries. Simply wear it when its sunny to activate. Finally a hat that truly does what it is design for.

Source cheap and high quality products in hundreds of categories . Main Features: Practical solar power hat with mini air fan for both men and women.

Adjustable velcro stick buckle, easy to fit your head circumference. Use the sun to cool you down! Can be individually adjusted to different head sizes. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders.

Learn about solar energy and learn how to solder . I have a hat very similar a friend got me in Singapore. Very fun but the fan dries out your eyes. Wear it backwards for the chilly chills on your .

Solar fan cap needs no charging. A golf cap that has a mini fan cooling the face. A light-detecting part, a solar panel and a control circuit are disposed on the brim of the outer hat body. The solar panel is electrically connected to the fan and . Yep this is solar fan hat. A small solar cell is sewn into the . Five products that Laird Hamilton should really get behind . Save yourself from high energy bills all year long with our solar attic fan.

In hot summer, the visor with the solar energy fan hat clip will bring you cool breeze, it is the best choice when you go outdoors. It will make you comfortable, cool . But there was something holding me back from making the leap to a hat-mounted lifestyle. The power source for the motor of the fan.

First we have the sleek and stylish UFO Cap , now we have this ridiculous hat -brim- solar – fan contraption, and . Going out to watch a cricket game in the scorching heat? It has two small solar panels and a mini fan. This cap can be your saviour.

Keeping a slight breeze on your forehead has never been easier!

Spending the day outside in the hot hot sun? You were probably going to wear a hat anyway, . The fan on this hat starts as soon as you go into the sun. Great to keep cool and keep off flies! Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu has been given a specially -designed hat with in-built solar fan by an admiring student. Description: Perfect for outdoor anywhere.

Energy saving, no batteries required. SOLAR POWER COOLING FAN CAP. Details: Wear the cap and go in sunlight the solar panels on the cap will drive the fan.