Reinforcing mesh supports

Grade Plate Spacers – Concrete reinforcing supports. Free delivery on eligible orders of £or . The price shown is for 8x spacers (enough for 1m2). Welded reinforcing mesh , fiberglass reinforcing mesh , reinforcement rebar cages , reinforcing steel fibers, prestressed strand wire and various rebar supports. Spacers and chairs for concreting provide support for both reinforcing mesh and bar, ensuring that the correct cover of concrete over the reinforcement is . Trench Mesh Supports are stable .

High quality steel reinforcement for cast concrete application. There must always be a minimum of 50mm cover over steel reinforcement , both above, below and around. The fabric is supported from beneath at regular . We stock a wide range of steel reinforcing mesh which can be used universally for. A welded girder specifically designed to support mesh or bar reinforcement.

PSA has a range of bar chairs ( reinforcement supports ) to suit virtually any application. Concrete Mesh Spacers are manufactured from glass fibre reinforced cement, and are heavy-duty concrete spacers suitable for supporting mesh reinforcement. A double cover spacer that has been designed for use in ground floor slabs, where its large base area gives a stable support to the reinforcing steel.

Plastic slab-on-ground spacers are suitable for supporting both reinforcing mesh and bar in slab-on-ground applications. This product features a flat base to . Select from a full line of bar supports and accessories from Whitacre Engineering to meet all of your reinforcing steel applications. Metal bar supports usually are made of plain or stainless steel wire and are one of the most common types used (Table 1). Stainless steel utilized by Meadow Burke in the manufacture of rebar supports conforms to ASTM A-4and AISI Type 4and may display some magnetic . Deckchairs are also ideal for dowel bar support. Maximum advised spacing 750mm.

Sort By: Lower Price, Higher Price . All Dayton Superior rebar supports are manufactured to the recommendations or specifications of the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) and comply . SWUK stock a variety of reinforcement mesh spacers perfect for use on either ground floor slabs or for use on suspended steel decking profiles such as our . We stock A39 A25 A1type mesh reinforcement in full size (m x m) sheets. Supported to the right height by Continuous High Chairs, Circular Mesh. A rebar spacer is a device that secures the reinforcing steel or rebar in reinforced concrete structures as the rebar is assembled in place prior to the final concrete pour. Mesh support castles (Bags of 100).

Supreme Concrete Mesh Support Castle Pk of 100. Gripper and Tric-trac spacers are designed to support the steel reinforcement used within reinforced concrete structures. Contact your nearest warehouse to place an order: Warehouse Locations.

The spacers remain in-situ throughout. We are a leading steel stockholders and supply reinforcing accessories in Aldershot, Hampshire also covering Surrey. Clip Fast Plastic Mesh Chairs.

Single Cover Concrete Spacers.