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The AMS pocket penetrometer provides accurate measurements of the compressive soil strength. The pocket penetrometer is used to verify whether excavation side walls require shoring, based on OSHA. A pocket sized instrument for quick determination of ground resistance to simple compression.

Data was compiled on several thousand . Station Roa Chapeltown,. Easy to use with easy-to-read.

Idruulicu Apuriu, Cutaniu Uniuersity. National Customer Contact. UK Specification for Ground Investigation. Hand vane and pocket penetrometer. Leeke Associates is the sole distributor of PLog software products in the UK.

A pocket penetrometer was used in the cohesive soils retrieved from the . Pa with the same accuracy. DIAL POCKET PENETROMETER , for the classification of cohesive soils in terms of. We are a UK based company with over years technical and sales .

Plan showing site development proposals and location of exploratory points. Plot summarising of pocket penetrometer determinations. Pipeline Project- UK Sector, Southern North Sea A major pipeline route survey. Torvane and a pocket penetrometer.

Penetrations testing in the U. Quality stainless steel certified test sieves by Glenammer ( UK ) and sieve shakers by. ACE stock refractometers, penetrometers , thermometers, dataloggers, pH meters,. Ace is the UK distributor for the GUSS Fruit Texture Analyser (FTA) from South. Below are the from a recent site investigation using a pocket penetrometer and top driven, thin walled window . Mickovski () Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotlan UK e- mail:.

In addition, our crews carry pocket penetrometer and mackintosh probe equipment to allow us to give on site indications of soil strength which coupled with the . The easy-to-read scale indicates strength from to 4. The reading is maintained until manually reset. The compact penetrometers are used for indicative measurements in the field with the. The soil pocket penetrometer evaluates consistency and approximate.