Pat testing and the law

The Government however has put regulations into place that pertain to the maintenance of electrical . There are many common myths about portable appliance testing (PAT) – find out. There are several main sets of legislation in the United Kingdom that apply to the inspection and testing of . This FAQ looks at what you need to know to test legally. PORTABLE APPLIANCE TESTING (PAT).

In fact, all that the legislation requires is that your equipment is maintained in a safe condition.

The HSE has reissued its guidance on portable appliance testing (PAT). Legally speaking this is not true. Portable Appliance Testing and the Law. There is no law that says PAT checks must be carried out, something . PAT is a procedure to determine if maintenance is needed in order to meet the legal requirements of The Electricity at Work Regulations.

A health and safety briefing provided by the IET. Therefore, it is not a legal requirement to have a PAT inspection sticker or certificate, the obligation is that equipment must be safe. At present, there is no legal requirement to get appliances teste so it will .

The law is clear that electrical appliances need regular inspection to . PAT Testing Legal Standards. This type of testing is not mandatory by law but it does ensure that you are compliant with Health . PAT testing ensures the safety of your employees and visitors. Electraspec offer Appliance Testing, Training . What is the Pat Testing Law ? Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work( General Application) Regulations S. The first thing you need to know is that . Management of Health and Safety at Work. The law requires an employer to ensure electrical equipment is suitably . You have a legal obligation to ensure that any electrical appliance with the . All Landlords who let their property as a business activity are required by law. Guidance for employers on meeting their legal duties to maintain portable.

This article will explain everything you need to know about the regulations that apply to musicians. HSE Pat Testing Regulations Leaflet. This guide is not a statement of the law but is intended to give you good general guidance. We will notify you of any.

The law states that all electrical equipment has to be maintained.

Puts a duty of care upon both employer (sections and etc) and employee ( section 7) to ensure the safety of all persons using the work premises.