Nel tornado coil

Description, Price Inc VAT, Qty. Free Shipping Australia Wide. These new coils are a must have. It is “golden” in finding coins, . Stable, Sensitive and above all these NEL. Ask us and we can help you find the right coil for your .

EU introduces proudly the search coils of NEL- Coils. Tornado is the most famous NEL coil. Available to fit many makes and models of detectors. NEL TORNADO AT Pro International x DD Searchcoil.

Does anyone have any hands on, reviews or info on this coil ? This is still a free service. Let know how the nel coil worked out for you. Owners of Garrett AT Pro International and AT Gold metal detectors who want increased ground coverage per sweep, .

My main metal detector used to be the Garrett AT PRO. I wrote a lot about it in the beginning, when i just had created the blog. Bought for my Garrett Ace 1metal detector.

I had both of these coils at one time for my Etrac, but, got rid of the Ultimate. Ukrainian company NEL – the largest manufacturer of search coils for all types of. All search frequency (kHz, kHz, 1kHz) in one coil ! Recently purchased a Nel Tonado Coil from Mike Ballard and was itching to try it out.

Improved Sensitivity to small targets. Designed for Stability in harsh ground conditions. The recently released NEL BIG goes deeper and has great coverage for . Aktualności ze strony Nel- Coils , nowe produkty, nowe cewki, promocje,. Suitable for Garrett Ace models only. When sweeping the coil I was careful to overlap each sweep by . Depth in comparison with standard coil.

I have a Garrett Ace 25 and I have heard a lot about NEL coils. Who makes them, would they. So after doing a lot of reading eventually i found one bit of information which states the Whites CoinMaster GT is NOT Compatible with the NEL.

Garrett ace 200i metal detector test overview hunt stock nel tornado coils.

A bit heavier but very manageable.