Mole run probe

A simple tools that greatly eases the problem of finding a mole run. Comes as part of my MOLE CATCHING KIT. An essential tool for every mole catcher, the probe is used to find the runs and locate where to place the traps.

Probes are made of top quality steel, . A great tool, made by us for the easy locating of mole runs. Simply push the probe into the ground until you feel it “give”, you can also gauge how deep the tunnel .

Ideal for the home user or professional. Get rid of moles with DIY Pest Control! A mole run probes make run tunnel location much easier. Spring trapping is the most widely used method of controlling moles in the UK. Run Probe tool specially made to find mole runs and tunnels.

Identify potential run positions and push the probe into the ground slowly and . How to use the Mullvadsjägaren mole run probe. The probe is handcrafted in stainless steel. Using a mole run probe or Dibber to find mole runs, once you have done it a few times it is very straight.

Shop with confidence on eBay! A Guide to Traditional Molecatching Methods Jeff Nicholls. Enlarge bullet shaped end of steel mole run. A practical, hardwearing tool for locating mole runs.

The enlarged point allows the depth of tunnel to be estimated. Probe the ground between mole hills until you . Top quality British made mole traps. Tunnel traps and Claw traps made in Yorkshire. Often there will be a main run (or mole motorway) which may have been in use for a long time.

A SPADE – To uncover the mole run. Ideally this will be the same width as your . DKA Pest Control, investigated the welfare aspects of mole traps and how the trap. Mole run probes and dibbers. Jun But if you are probing a lot, having to kneel down, probe , stand up, walk. Walk over the areatwice and wait for thearrival of the first two or three new molehills.

After the third molehill appears, probe down to find the run linking uptwo . Just probe the ground with the mole run probe and when you feel a distinct drop you have . I use a probe with a wooden handle in a cold January, because it is kinder on the.

FULL LENGTH probe unlike some rival ones which you have to bend double to use. Welded steel handle as wooden ones tend to fall off. Seven corrosion probes , each holding seven metal specimens,.

The PERDIX mole dibber tool has been designed to find mole tunnels easily and effectively.