Lpg switch not working

The obvious answer seems to be because its broken. Default LPG switching problem. I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee 4. Eco (autronic) Sequential gas injection system fitted before I . LPG gauge working when your switched back to Petrol.

LPG not working properly – Ford Modifications Website. That fuse blew and since then not switching to lpg. So after checking lots of things out, I am guessing that it is the safety switch that my be broken.

Hey guys, This sounds like an electrical problem. LPG Not Working – LPG Gauge Turns Off – im looking for an autogas engineer or anyone with LPG experience. Also check that the lpg safety switch is functioning.

It looks like a small black box with about wires coming out of it.

While this section is based on LPG tanks, the procedure for a cylinder supply is. This prevents a large leak if, for example, the pipework is broken by vandals. Anyone know what the problem could be?

If I switch it from petrol to gas while running , it stalls. LPG PROBLEMS With regard to the ever increasing cost of LPG and the problems associated with Severe Valve Seat Recession on most modern engines . When you switch from LPG to Petrol the engine should not turn off. After service, I am facing the following problems.

It was eventually sorted out. Starting problem is not when the car is in petrol mode, but in LPG the car. I always start and run car few kms in petrol then switch to LPG. Manufacturer of LPG CNG Switches – LPG Switch , CNG Switch , MPFI Switch and LPG Change. Operating current: Less than 80mA if not externally connect to the solenoid valve.

Working environment temperature: -degress~80degree4. My LPG has stopped working entirely. The car works fine on petrol but switch it over and it dies.

None of this is a problem if you remember to order as soon as your first.

An automatic changeover valve automatically switch from one gas . Or could the inertia switch cause his problem. Switching your LPG supply to Flogas, will not only connect your business to a . Testimonials – High performance super concentrated LPG Injector Lubricant and Cleaner. BRC Autogas Morning Switch Over LPG Problem.