Lipo regulator

Find great deals on eBay for LiPo Regulator in Radio-Controlled Car Parts and Accessories. Buy voltage regulators online at HobbyKing for the lowest prices. V regulator to go from a variable Lithium polymer battery voltage ( down to ) to usable voltage for my peripherals. Image for 2-Cell LiPo Regulator , 5. E-flite 2-Cell LiPo Regulator , 5.

The LiPo regulator is designed to reduce the voltage from your battery to 4. For complete written version of this video with schematics and parts, visit . High-Output LiPo Regulator with Switch. Function : The power is exhausted completely when the voltage of per cell is at 2. V, so the warning LED will light to warn “Low . Now you can use Lipo batteries as receiver packs without the . I just ordered some lipo 2S receiver packs for a few of my nitro airplanes. Basically, I need to know what type of voltage regulator I will need .

Almost all servos that are popular for off road cars are designed to work on volts. Free Shipping, Cash on Delivery Available. Hi Guys I see some gas planes have a lipo regulator fitted ? Shop with confidence on eBay!

I ahve a 30cc plane with a 33cc Mintor . Reedy 6V 5Amp Lipo Regulator. Use the voltage regulator when using 7. DETAILS: Input Voltage – 7v to 25v Output Amps – 5A Output Regulated Voltage – 6. Since there are going to be kids, the expectation is stock level performance. Newly developed ultra small Lipo regulator. To ensure the voltage that goes into you . Lisa stands for LiPo -Saver. Featuring ten steps of adjustable voltage from 5. Buy 2-Cell LiPo Regulator , 5. The new NOSRAM LiPo RX regulator takes on this duty and will constantly provide 6V input voltage with a continuous 5A current.

Dynamite’s LiPo Voltage Regulator oversees the output voltage of 2S receiver packs to safe levels. With this model you can use your lipo battery to power the receiver and servo’s.

This into an absolutely . The lipo regulator will bring down the voltage of 5S, .