How to turn on gas after shut off

Follow our step by step guide to safely turning off your gas supply at the meter. Hello, I had to shut off my gas at the meter in order to replace a hot water tank. However I cannot seem to get the gas back on. How to reset a natural gas regulator.

After natural gas service is restored.

If any of the dials are moving, make sure all your natural gas appliances are shut off. Your meter may look something like this. To fix it, follow the steps below.

Make sure you have credit on your meter or gas. Turn any appliances off 2. Knowing the location of your main gas service shutoff valve will help you turn off the gas supply to your entire facility quickly in case of an emergency. HOW TO TURN OFF GAS AFTER AN EARTHQUAKE: Go to your gas meter and shutoff valve. We assume you have figured out where it is long before you have .

Learn how to locate and shut off your natural gas meter in case of an emergency. Before turning your gas supply off or on, make sure you first turn off all gas appliances and pilot lights in your home, eg gas cooking appliances, . Gas supply at your premises has been turned off to enable us to: U. DO NOT turn off your natural gas service unless you smell gas , hear the . Check all gas appliances are turned off before turning on your gas meter. A gas leak can occur from an earthquake, construction accident, or faulty appliance. Although rare, a time may arise when you need to shut off your gas meter. Because an ENSTAR technician must turn the gas service back on after it has been . My house has a gas hookup in the backyard so you can hook-up a natural gas grill.

In the event that you need to turn off your gas service follow these simple steps:. Learn the right way to safely shut off the main natural gas or propane. Once the valve is turned off, however, do not turn it back on by yourself.

Shut off gas service to customers. And then, remember to: Open all your doors and windows to let the gas out . Your fumigation company may want you to schedule the gas turn on, as someone often needs to. What is the cost to me for turning my gas service off and on?

The same goes for turning off the gas —though with some strict safety. Knowing where and how to shut off elec- tric, gas and water main switches and valves is essential following a catastrophy. Also, do not turn on the gas.

If you want to turn off the gas supply, you should start by turning off your Natural Gas appliance taps and any pilot lights. Then simply turn the safety shut – off valve. The Carey Brothers give tips on shutting off gas , water, and power.

The easiest means of turning off the water at the water main is with a water meter wrench. Keep in mind that gas lines are still filled with gas even after the .