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Hot Rox stock all vlaves for every amp manufacturer including NOS valves , correct bias tested . Hot Rox UK are a music company that specializes in amplifier parts, premium matched valves (tubes) for all amplifiers. Distribution for Jensen speakers, cioks . This website uses cookies. You can read our Cookie Policy here. Please click ACCEPT to allow cookies and get the best experience from our .

The JJ ELIs standard type ELthat JJ Electronics manufacture and not to be mistaken for the powerful E34L type. The ELJJ runs cooler than the E34L so . JJ Valves are one of the most rebranded tubes on the market. The JJ 300B electron valve is an excellent replacement valve for hifi amps and an alternative to NOS 300b versions at a fraction of the cost. Re-Issue Tung-sol 12ax now manufactured by Electro Harmonix at the reflector factory in Russia. The Tung-sol 12axtube they produce is of high standard.

Great for cutting through on lead playing and fat beefy r. Siemens Audio Valves were manufactured in Germany and have now become a very sort after valve for HiFi and Guitar amplifiers. The Siemens have a superb .

PC= plate current and TC= . Valve retainers for octal and pin vacuum tubes used by many amplifier manufactureres for securing valves in their sockets. Electro Harmonix Valves – Matche Graded and Guaranteed The Electro Harmonix brand of tubes are used by many of the leading amplifier manufacturers. JJ 6L6GC valves are an upgrade in most valve amplifiers.

The quality build in these 6Lvalves shows in their outstanding tonal and reliable performance. The JJ ELhas become one of the most popular ELvalves used today. A favourite with musicians and amplifier manufacturers for their versatile application. Good price for the valves I neede prompt delivery and very safely packaged.

I normally use hot rox for valves. I can`t seem to find any suppliers in UK. Watford valves don`t seem to stock them. Ok so after lots of help from members here, i realized that a valve change. Hotrox , Nottingham, United Kingdom.

Need new valves for my amps. Find Hot Rox UK in Nottingham, NG2. Read reviews, get contact details, photos, opening times and map directions. Search for Musical Instrument Repairs. My knowledge of valves is very small.

I spoke to Hot Rox this afternoon for some advice, who were very helpful.

They said that the Ruby valves.