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Ham radios and IP over Avian Carriers are two options. A WebSDR is a Software-Defined Radio receiver connected to the internet , allowing many listeners to listen and tune it simultaneously. Operate stations with just your web browser – no hardware or software is required. Due to the bandwidth limitations of the radio spectrum, VHF and UHF links are . Chris Matthieu, N7ICE, demonstrates how to surf the web on an Icom ID-D-Star ham radio !

Web site dedicated to ham . Transmitting internet content is considered illegal on Amateur Radio. The Hinternet is the ham internet. This doc presents an overview of Amateur Radio – its history, and its relevance in communication today.

The first program used was . QsoNet uses the internet to receive audio signals from a ham radio transmitting station, then instantly reflects the audio back to all stations listening on that . The node is installed on the Clearfield 449. Daniel Romanchik KB6NU gives his views on recent articles about the demise of amateur radio.

How many times do you hear the comment “ ham radio …do people still do that? It promises (like satellite internet , DSL, Cable and such before it). Internet Radio Linking Project. Or you may remember experimenting with a ham radio which is a form of amateur radio.

Broadband-Hamnet – Amateur Radio Mesh Networking. All that being sai this is a new way to HAVE FUN with ham radio ! Two programs are currently in the family, . This is KD4DYV, I sai announcing my ham – radio call sign for the first. Ham Radio 1— RaRa Can Help. Typically, ham radio operators, or hams, do not use ham radio to broadcast in the way. The Anonymous contribution to the world of ham packet radio is twofol the.

Of course, none of these posts are really saying that the internet , millennials, or FT-has killed amateur radio. What they are saying is that all of these are . This site provides general information about the IRLP. Other Amateur Radio Audio Feeds and Websites.

Within a local or regional area, many ham radio repeater systems may use remote. HF radio communication has long been the mainstay of amateur radio.

Somehow it makes little sense that amateur “ ham ” radio continues to. Disasters are not the only times that Amateur Radio operators contribute to.