Grow tent corner pieces

CHIMAERA 3-Way Grow Tent Corner Connector Replacement (10- Pieces ). If you also need replacement 4-way connectors or metal end pieces for your . Lost the corner pieces to your Grow Tent ? These unbreakable replacement corner pieces will fit any range of grow tents with 16mm external diameter poles. These corners are made of syndiotactic polystyrene .

Make the most of the DARKROOM Grow Tents with the right accessories and spare parts. Corners are available to equip tents as needed. Look at Tent Corner Pieces from GreenSpirit-Hydroponics. Green Spirit Hydroponics grow shop in the UK. Full Range Multiple Sized Indoor Grow Tent Room 600D Mylar Hydroponic Growing Plant with Plastic Corner.

For HOMEbox Homelab tents (silver inside). How can I order these for my 4x4xgrow tent ? Bastards should be using metal corner pieces not plastic.

I have a 4xtent that I . UNIVERSAL CORNER 16mm GROW TENT ROOM REPLACEMENT. PACK GROW TENT ROOM CORNERS WAY PUSH FIT CONNECTORS Fits. HOMEBOX Grow Tent Way Connector Replacement Plastic Corner Piece. Brand: Hydrogarden Product Code: Tent Corner Pieces. Please enter a search keyword.

Items – Secret Jardin Accessories: Secret Jardin Corner 16mm K piece – Secret Jardin Corner 19mm K piece – Secret. With internal diameter of 13mm, 16mm and 21mm. Shop online with Aqua Gardening.

Mylar lining Corner pieces that are three . Welded powder coated steel corners with easy push button metal tube frame. Heavy locking fasteners and metallic corner pieces snap into place and stay there. A grow tent is just one of the pieces of a good hydroponic system. While these are OK, top of the line tents will have metal corner pieces.

The new tents include 16mm and 25mm steel poles, steel click lock corners ,. High quality range of grow tents for hydroponic indoor growing from Teignbridge.