Glass cartridge fuse

Time Lag Surge Withstand Glass Body Cartridge Fuse Designed to IEC Specification. Find a wide selection of glass fuses in different types and sizes from Littelfuse, a leading. Aftermarket – AGC Series – 3AG Size Glass Body Cartridge Fuses.

Other non- glass fuse sizes and constructions were determined by functional requirements, but they still retained the length or diameter . A Cartridge Fuses are available at Mouser Electronics. May While many HRC fuses are visibly special See Gargoyle mug shots HERE some appear nearly identical to standard small glass fuses.

RS Pro Glass Cartridge Fuse , 1A, Speed F, x 20mm. In electronics and electrical engineering, a fuse is an electrical safety device that operates to. Glass cartridge and plug fuses allow direct inspection of the fusible element. Other fuses have other indication methods including: Indicating pin or . LXNAV Lx90xx and LX80xx – 3A Quick Blow. TQ KRT-2S – 3A Time Delay.

Fuse type, 2AG, A Litttelfuse brand name for a glass body cartridge fuse that is 5mm in diameter and 15mm in length. Cartridge fuses are used to protect Motors and branch circuits where higher amps or volt ratings are required.

They are available in a wide variety of sizes, amp . GMA 15A 125v Glass Fast Acting Cartridge Fuse 5x20mm . Fast-Acting Glass Cartridge Fuse , 20mm x 5mm. While we recommend using blade fuses instead of glass . This is a standard fuse type, but we make . Shop Fuses at acehardware. Free Store Pickup at your. Glass and ceramic fuses are used to protect appliances and other . Electronic Glass Cartridge Fuses Leviton fuse assortment that meets the circuit protection requirements of many household electronic devices. Bussmann Glass Tube Fuse Assorted amps 2volts multi in.

Note: Many small cartridge fuses will have additional markings stamped on the end caps. Used in older-model cars, glass tube fuses today are found primarily in automotive accessory applications. Weidmuller Ceramic Cartridge Fuse 5x20mm, 250V Fast Blow. Bussman GMA Glass Cartridge, 5mm x 20mm, 2VAC, mA. Available in current ratings from 1A to 50A.

Size: Amp Description:Protect your investment with a Zephyr slow blow fuse.