Game gear capacitor list

Thank you for your purchase of a Sega GameGear capacitor replacement kit from Nintendo Repair Hut. Typical Power and Sound PCBs. Game Gear Cap Map: Audio and Power PCBs.

The power and sound boards are the same throughout most of. Fixing Screen and sound faults. It had noticeable problems with the video.

Can anyone offer any more help . Up for sale is a Sega GameGear capacitor replacement kit plus a 4. It includes all the capacitors . The kit includes aluminum electrolytic capacitors. All capacitors are high quality Panasonic or Nichicon brand capacitors. As seen the capacitors are . Looks like this is it That makes Ca CAP CER CP 0. If so, does anyone know where I can get replacement parts for this board?

I received a GameGear without sound and the contrast of the handheld was terrible. In most cases it it this capacitor 47uF 6. Has the screen on your Sega Game gear become faint, or can you only see it when you hold the console at . Its about £for me to buy a cap kit , or £12. The electrolytic capacitors are prone to failure. This kit contains a full set of . I have read that this is probably a capacitor problem, but is thre something else that. If you dont have a grab bag then just get a kit.

Both of these solutions do not provide the raw punch of capacitance you get from an old-fashioned electrolytic. The video is shitty and the sound is very hard to hear. Capacitors wear out due to usage and high temperature. I take it this is the fix I need.

Cabove is a 10uF, 6V capacitor – However the replacement I used was a . There is a list of the caps you will need if you search online for GameGear cap kit. Just make sure to match the revision of your board up to the . My trade, sale and services – Rough want list – Shipping weight reference chart – AC Power Adapter reference list. GAME GEAR SPARE PARTS LIST FOR EUROPE.