Floating connector

We introduce the floating type board-to-board connectors for industrial machines as a list. How connectors designed to accommodate axial misalignment can help solve some design problems. BtoB – floating connectors.

The BTFW Series is a floating board-to-board connector system consisting of plugs and receptacles with two rows of staggered contacts on 1. FunctionMAX will continuously strive to reach the highest level of functionality for its floating and high-speed connectors.

These and other Hirose connectors are . Pitch Board to Board Connector. LHS Series is a flat floating connector mixing power, signal, coaxial and high speed quadrax contacts. What is a floating structure?

The header is a two-piece structure that can absorb any variation caused when a connector (header and socket) is integrated into a . Floating connector for surface integrated waveguide components and its extended applications. A floating connector pin represents ungrounded metal with a propensity to accumulate charge from the space plasma environment an upon .

The floating structure has a movable range of ±0. X and Y directions, thus improving contact. Hirose has launched an SMT board-to-board connector that uses a unique 3- piece floating contact system to simplify assembly and support . Discrete Wire Cable Connector.

The automotive industry is where the need for floating connectors started and that need continues today. The DFconnector is extremely effective in LED lighting applications. PML series is a connector which has a floating mechanism to offset the mating gap between plug and jack connector. Dielectric Withstanding Voltage.

The self-weight of the floating platform is about 8ton. Board-to-Board (BTB) connector with pin count and stack height of . LHZ series is a railway flat floating rectangular connector. Its modular design enable the user to configure it own connector mixing power, signal, coacial and . The TUSeries floating electrical feed permits mounting any point along trac at the outlet box.

Includes floating connector , outlet box cover, and extra trac dead . Hirose has introduced a floating busbar connector with plug-in mating to simplify assembly, maintenance and expansion.

The paper presents a compact device intended for solderless electrical connection of substrate integrated waveguide . Variable stacking heights . Planar Blindmate Connectors , Planar Blindmate Connector Systems, Coaxial Connectors.