Etc ion console

To get more information on ETC Consoles products, contact an ETC. ETC manufactures a range of equipment to meet the diverse needs of . Ion RPU – 2K, Ion Remote Processor Unit, 0outputs. General InformatIon fully integrated control of leDs, conventional and moving lights in a compact, portable package.

This video was created to instruct you how to use the ETC Ion lighting console.

ETC ION XE Lighting Control Console. Using the powerful Eos software, Ion Xe offers affordable control for space challenged venues or small tours. Ion Xe has the same keypad layout as its larger . The Ion control console provides fully-integrated control of LE conventional and moving lights in a compact, portable package. Free lighting advice and many items ship free!

Ion Xe provides complete control of conventional and moving lights, LEDs and . We have a full inventory of ETC Products. We ETC EOS Consoles and ION Consoles.

Best ETC Ion Console in StageSpot This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and been replaced by the Ion XE found here. ETC permits the reproduction of materials in this manual only for non-commercial purposes. Online Eos Family (Eos Ti, Eos, Gio and Ion ) User Forums.

The ETC Ion console is one of the latest additions to our line of lighting controllers in rental inventory. Fully integrated control of LEDs, conventional and moving . D model of the ETC Ion Lighting Console. We want Audition to run the audio and lighting console.

Ion command line expects instructions to be entered in a. Featuring the same backlit keyboard layout and full-feature software as . Providing fully integrated. An international manufacturer of professional entertainment and architectural lighting, and rigging systems, ETC produces lighting fixtures, lighting control consoles. Electronic Theatre Controls ( ETC ) is a privately held corporation with global headquarters in Middleton, Wisconsin, United States. I wrote this up some time ago but forgot to post it here and then left the country for a couple weeks: . ETC sponsor a new Ion Console to The Lir Academy.

Versatility and simplicity are the mark of the ETC Ion lighting console starting with channels that allow you to control a single dimmer or dozens . File , use the arrows to highlight.