The technology of light steel thin walled structures has a worldwide usage in constructions and came to us from Europe.  According to the statistics nowadays 80% of the buildings in highly developed countries are built according to this technology.


While regarding frame houses as the most efficient means for the middle class, it should be noted that the frame structure can serve as an excellent basis for the most prestigious modern homes, the merits of which will be original architectural solutions, which are designed for you at our design office.


Our company has its own design departure, which prepares architectural projects for further realizing constructions.

Paying attention to the individual needs of the customer, we take into account their comments and proposals while working on the project.


This departure also prepares documentation together with a plan of the site, that you need for the permition of your construction. All calculations correspond to the international standards.


Depending on the material frame buildings are divided into 3 types- wooden, concrete and metallic. The latter, in it turn, is divided into container and frame-panel. Regardless of type, all fabricated structures share common advantages.

The speed of construction, this is the most obvious feauture. Depending on the technology that is used and on the area of ​​the facility construction period can take from 1 day to 3 months maximum. The high speed of construction first of all is connected with the installation of the site, which is carried out through the ready elements produced at the factory.


In the absence of “wet” processes and availability  of necessary components construction of prefabricated buildings can be conducted at any time, even during subzero temperature.

Factory production with the use of high-tech equipment ensures the high  quality of its constructions. The unity of all these advantages ensure the operation of the building much earlier, and the payback period of the objects is greatly reduced in comparison with the traditional methods of building structures.