Schools and kindergartens

“Sermes Stroy” company carries out the construction of schools, kindergartens and educational institutions according to modern highest standards. Our constructed buildings distinguish with more thought-out infrastructure, leading architectural solutions and creative modern design.
The company is able to solve a number of problems in the construction of schools and pre-school institutions:

  • architectural designs using modern software technologies
  • project design depending on the type of the building
  • performance of general company’s contractor activities during the development of the project
  • works of various subsystems having high multiplicity


Appropriate environment is needed for creative and high-quality education, in which embedded new knowledge and skills contribute to such features as optimal surface of the area, its lighting, favorable temperature and safe insulation. Primary architectural and engineering project of schools and pre-school facilities construction should solve all the problems for effective learning and safe teaching.


The component of project design is as well equally important. Creative environment stimulates child's imagination and creative skills, and raises his artistry.  Boring and annoying projects are already in the past. We pay particular attention to the facade and the choice of interior materials as well as to the interior choice and to the design of each area during the construction of schools and kindergartens. Our company uses the modern methods of glazing, lighting and design.