Restaurants and cafes

Restaurant business is still a profitable one, though this field is very competitive.  Especially in big cities there is an evident interest towards the restaurant business.

Investors prefer to invest in the restaurant business because it combines  prestige, originality and sufficient profitability.

“Sermes Stroy” carries out restaurant or cafe construction at all its stages.

The services of our company include:

  • project development for the restaurant or cafe
  • preparation of construction documents
  • architectural design of the building
  • proper construction of the restaurant or cafe
  • implementation of interior and mounting


The specialists of “Sermes Stroy” will provide You with the indispensable assistance at every stage of the construction.

Our company uses high-quality materials that are manufactured using the latest technology. Good design and engineering network installation, which includes water, heat and electricity involvement has the same importance for us.