Barracks, like any house, is a means to protect people from the effects of adverse weather. hides the soldier from the cold and snow in winter, whearse in summer – from the heat, wind and rain. However, it performs its protective function only when it is built correct and is in good condition.

At incorrectly built barracks, where, for example, ventilation absence or insufficiency of ventilation system, there appeare very quickly unfavorable conditions for life and work. Barracks plot selection is very important. It is carried out by mandatory participation of  medical service command.  The lot should correspond to military as well as to hygiene requirements. Barracks area must be provided with sufficient drinking water sources. Building should include free allocation of residential, educational, cultural, economic and other sectors.


The primary basis for the design and construction of barracks hygiene provisions are:

  • separate barrack for battalion
  • strict planning rules, depending on climatic conditions
  • absence of inter-room alignment anywhere at barracks (hallway and corridor systems)
  • lateral corridor illuminated by windows
  • separate rooms for troops
  • necessary supporting structures
  • auxiliary facilities required for barracks’ various units
  • club at the separate building
  • provision of the necessary ventilation system