Electrical coupling

In electronics and telecommunication, coupling is the desirable or undesirable transfer of energy from one medium, such as a metallic wire or an optical fiber, to another medium. Coupling is also the transfer of electrical energy from one circuit segment to . Gap junctions are clusters of channels that connect the interiors of adjoining cells and mediate electrical coupling and transfer of small . Electric currents, generated by thermospheric winds, flow along the geomagnetic field lines linking the E-and F-regions. Their effects on the electric field .

Electrical coupling and neuronal synchronization in the Mammalian brain. Roles for electrical coupling in neural circuits as revealed by selective neuronal deletions. Modulation of a Single Neuron Has State-Dependent Actions on Circuit Dynamics.

In turtle and ground squirrel retinae, neighboring cones are electrically coupled to each other. Recent studies have demonstrated electrotonic coupling between scar tissue and the surrounding myocardium in cryoinjured . Mathematical models are used to examine the effect of electrically coupling an. Thus, electrical coupling provides a flexible mechanism for modifying the . ABSTRACT: Cardiac myocytes are electrically coupled by large gap junctions to.

Your toughest technical questions will likely get answered within hours on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. We study the relative influence of the individual cellular characteristics and the electrical coupling on the behavior of the coupled system. An unexpected species difference in electrical coupling of analogous neuroendocrine dopamine neurons in rats and mice reveals a role for . Abstract: In this paper the possibility of combining resonant magnetic coupling and resonant electrical coupling is proposed and discussed. Studying electrical coupling in the contracting heart is not trivial, however. We concentrate on the electrical coupling of a cell ensemble rather than on the biochemical and mechanical characteristics of the individual . Abstract: In many biological systems, the electrical coupling of nonoscillating cells generates synchronized membrane potential oscillations.

As a result of the coupling , electrical flows of gas to and from the rings along the magnetic field of Saturn cause the greatest variations in . Manufactured in The Netherlands. Silicon based charge coupled device (CCD) performances have improved immensely over the years. Scientific community across the globe . The reason for this is that the electrical coupler is large and heavy due to the.

Synonyms: Definition: The process that mediates signaling interactions between one cell and another cell by transfer of current between their adjacent . We analyze the existence and stability of phase-locked states of neurons coupled electrically with gap junctions. We show that spike shape and size, along with . Cell communication via electrical coupling is the process that mediates signaling interactions between one cell and another cell by transfer of current between .

Regulation of electrical coupling between Arabidopsis root hairs. Cone photoreceptors are noisy because of random fluctuations of photon absorption, signaling molecules, and ion channels. Myocytes, while giving rise to the bulk volume of normal cardiac muscle, form a “ minority cell population” in the heart compared with nonmyocytes, chiefly . Abstract—The research reported in this article is related to the field of wireless power transfer.

In particular, resonant electrical coupling is studied as an . KEYWORDS: Radar cross section, structural– electrical coupling , structural distortion, phase error, particle swarm optimisation . Muscles of the walking legs of lobster (Homarus americanus) contain fibers or subunits which are coupled electrically by pathways of high electrical resistance. The role of asymmetry in electrical synaptic connection between two neuronal oscillators is studied in the Hindmarsh-Rose model.