Dis car nect battery cutoff switch

Free delivery on eligible orders. Simply unscrew the black knob an . Dis – car – nect battery cut off switch Allows any car battery to be quickly disconnected for ultimate immobilisation. Much better option is to leave battery alone and fit an Optimate.

Battery is simply disconnected by. John Paul at Rimmer Bros demonstrates the fitting of a Discarnect battery isolator unit. Or by cutting the output from the battery using a battery cut off switch. Okay so got got around to fitting a Dis Car Nect as Bibs recommended.

Recently fitted on of these to my battery , and it works a treat. VAT Add to Basket View Basket. BATTERY CUT OFF SWITCH AUSTIN HEALEY SSB103. Clamp this item to your battery negative terminal, then clamp your original cable onto the other . Auto Express awarded it out of and said Like all the best ideas Discarnect is simple and very effectiveAllows.

How could I bypass the battery cut-off to provide just enough power to the remote. BEFORE your battery disconnect switch. Enables the battery to be disconnected by turning the black knob lightly or remove completely, as an aid to. Dis – Car – Nect is a very simple, but very effective battery isolation switch , . FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. I have a new dis – car – nect switch ready to fit,but this only fits to the battery negative post.

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