Curtis controller fault codes

Recently the cart will not move. We had one of the batteries farthest from the . TABLE 8: Status LED fault codes. Spd limit pot fault speed limit pot fault 1. Controller pdf manual download. Unsubscribe from Kien Pham? I have just done a new install.

If the controller detects a fault, a 2-digit fault code is flashed until the fault is. Was driving it and it cut out. Let sit for a minute, flipped . Please refer to the diagram below for flash codes , description.

Integral fault detect LED flashes error code infor- mation. Table STATUS LED FAULT CODES. LED off no power or defective controller. An advanced MOSFET power section, . Whenever a fault is encountered and no wiring or vehicle fault can be foun shut off KSI and turn it back on to see if the fault clears.

An integral fault LED flashes helpful error code information. Limited Operating Strategy (LOS) Set: Encoder Fault ( Code 36) or Stall Enter LOS . Curtis AC motor controllers using VCL. LED displays fault codes when there is a problem with the controller or . Diagnostics information can be obtained by observing the fault codes issued by. CONTROLLERS PROTECTED BY U. Golden Technologies curtis controller fault codes related problems. Display security code creation.

Non-Flash Code Troubleshooting. I did check the error codes into the software, history and actual, and only . System Disabled by Fault Codes.