Cts push pull pot

Unlike other push pull pots on the market which use mini-pots, these top quality push pulls are made from full size CTS pots. The solder terminals are laid out a . A high quality double-pole, double-throw (DPDT) CTS push-pull pot for guitar wiring. Add an extra dimension to your playing with a push pull pot.

This is the best push – pull potentiometer on the market. We had them custom made to .

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible . PULL position formerly used by Boogie, Fender etc. Top-quality Push-pull Potentiometers. The Emerson Pro CTS 500k Short Split Shaft Push – pull Pot offers you precise control over your tone.

CTS 500K DPDT Push – Pull Potentiometer Tolerance! The best push – pull pot available! Mojotone had them custom made to their specification to . CTS made these contact points easier to reach, so you can fit this .

The DPDT push – pull switch is great for adding all sorts of custom wiring options. Push – pull potentiometers (or pots , for short) have been providing solutions to. There are a few brands out there, but CTS came out with a new . This features a heavy duty spring loaded PUSH – PULL action that locks into position. Best used with humbuckers and P90s, and can be used for both volume. CTS 500k Audio Taper Push Pull Pot – US Thread and Spline.

Includes Nuts, Lock Washer and Dress Washer. Now that CTS has had their new push pull pots out for a while, I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with them. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Premium CTS Push Pull pots available in 250k or 500k and long shaft 500k. The wiring possibilities are endless . Find great deals for Emerson Custom Pro CTS Push Pull Potentiometer – 250k Pot.

Shop with confidence on eBay! K-Ohms Short-Split Push Pull Potentiometer. EMERSON PRO PUSH PULL POT – 500K (SHORT SPLIT SHAFT).