Cane creek db air inline

How to install volume reducers in your Double Barrel air sprung shocks. In the DB series, the Inline is meant to bring the heavy-hitting performance of the DB Coil and the DB Air to a smaller package intended for machines with less . Cane Creek DBinline Rear Shock. Award winning and highly adjustable!

Designed with performance and reliability in mind!

Recommendation: I owned the DB Inline for months. This is what I, and possibly the worl has been waiting for, a fully tuneable air shock with a . The DB Inline fits the same high- and low-speed compression and rebound adjustments of the DB Air into a smaller travel package without the piggyback. It offers external control over the . Top-caliber DH performance packed into a sleeker Twin-tube design.

Built for lower travel bikes, no other shock in this class packs so much into so little, . Depending on the flavour of DB Inline Air, you really need to budget.

Shop with confidence on eBay! Air Sprung rear shocks won the trail bike market years ago. But coil shocks on trail bikes never died out completely. The XV can offers a higher air volume and is perfectly suited to bikes with a significantly progressive leverage ratio, such as Intense. Low Cost with service service price.

Two raised shelves have been added. Where the original DB Air is a piggy-backed design (with an external oil chamber) designed for longer . CANE CREEK Double Barrel Air CS. I used this file to waterjet the wrench using a FLOW wate. Santa Cruz Nomad CCDB AIR.

I inflate the shock to 1PSI to achieve the sag etc . Features Twin Tube damping for unparalleled small bump sensativity and adjustability. A twin-tube inline shock with superior performance and reliability. CC INLINE DB IL UPGRADE $135.

That sai the DB AIR and DB INLINE are a whole new machine and. On the trail, this routing of oil .

If that is the case they also make a CCDB Inline that is a thinner . The gas and oil in the DB Inline are separated by a rubber membrane. Included is the standard owners manual, an air volume spacer to help you .