Box that switches itself off

Enter your model number to make sure this fits. A modern useless machine about to turn itself off. A useless machine is a device which has a function but no direct purpose.

When you flip the switch , it turns itself off. This Machine Turns Itself Off.

Useless Box with Surprises. When the switch was flippe the lid of the box opened and a mechanical hand reached out, flipped off the switch , then retracted back inside the box. Flip the switch , and this extremely useless box will turn itself off.

It is the most pointless and useless machine on. A batteries and two switches : a toggle switch on the top of the box and a . Fun, DIY electronics kit has only one function: turn it on and it turns itself off. One mystical black box with a single toggle switch.

Every time you flip the switch , a little finger pops out from the box and turns itself off. No one on this planet has . The hand would retreat immediately into the box , the top would slam shut. A toy whose job was to turn itself off.

My sky box keeps turning itself off. Passive Standby should be thought of as more or less equivalent to switching your Sky box off at the wall. I wanted a useless machine that actually turned itself off. So I designed a single- motor with a curved arm that both lifts the lid and flips off the switch.

On the lower left-hand corner of my desk sits a wooden box , roughly. Instructables along with a video of the box in action. To watch it switch itself off is to experience something strangely human.

Fully assemble once you press the on switch , the box will open and turn itself off , this one comes in as you can see in the picture, can place on your coffee . My black box keeps turning itself on. Electronic assembly kit for a useless box capable of switching itself off. When box is turned on it turns itself off after about seconds. Can you please unplug the IQset top box from the power point, leave it out for .

You turn the machine on and the box begins to judder with hidden industry. In order to be truly useless, then, a machine that switches itself off. Having worked fine for the 3-months since install, the Youview box turns itself off when the tv has been switched off for any length of time. It just goes into standby mode. Anyone able to help me with this or having similar problems?

Been watching Sky today and suddenly it turned off. Now every time i switch it on, . As I started to think about how to build such a machine, I realised it was not as easy as I had though. To start with, the box does not actually switch itself off , it just.

Only had my Vbox a couple of month and no problems with it until now. Anyone experienced their T- Box switching off unexpectedly after minutes? Then the TV started to turn itself off into standby mode. It kept doing this after various times .