Books with female leads

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins,. This list features books from all genres with the strongest female lead characters. There are plenty of great books featuring strong female main characters in compelling stories that are sure to appeal to boys as well as girls. You know, fantasy books with male protagonists , pathetic females.

Some of the best characters in literature are female.

So sit down with a good book and support . Kick-ass female characters and fantasy books go hand in hand. But finding early chapter books with bold leading ladies can be . My hope is simply to provide parents of boys who like more traditionally masculine books with some options that include strong, interesting female characters. Here are empowering books with strong . And while the books left sitting . We think she would approve of the strong female characters in these upcoming novels.

From a young woman with magical powers to a mother . If stereotypes are getting you down, turn to these books featuring realistic, complex,. These books tell the stories of strong women who bust through gender norms. Stories with strong female leads.

There are so many different reasons to love books , but one of my very. When it comes to book characters , females have the capability to kick . Rock Paper Tiger and Hour of the Rat are both set in China with a lead character, Ellie, who is . To begin with, her first name was that of a friend of mine from high school. From the author: Jana comes from a lot of places. The name was always one I like . From psychological thrills to supernatural chills, we have a list of the best thrillers featuring strong female protagonists that will keep you enthralled.

I love a badass book, especially with a strong female protagonist. These ladies are strong, independent, and . Check out my reviews of Young Adult (YA) books. I love books that have an awesome main character.

These books all have strong female lead. By the time she reclaims her female identity, she is second to none in her . Awesome Books to Read with Fierce Female Characters. Random list of dystopian and post-apocalyptic books featuring female leads or main characters. As we have noted before, mystery and crime fiction is largely a female game and plots surrounding female protagonists are also among some .