A military armored (or armoured ) car is a lightweight wheeled armored fighting vehicle, historically employed for reconnaissance, internal security, armed escort,. English dictionary definition of armoured. Definition of armoured – covered with or protected by armour , (of some animals and plants) having a protective layer or shell.

Possessing, wearing, or fitted out with armour. Movies, games, shows and more! This is where I come to have fun!

The NZLAV is a highly mobile eight wheeled . The rise of organic UAV support for armoured vehicles, and the ability to counter- UAVs are examples of some of the emerging technologies and changing . More than movers—we are protectors. Thanks to its flexibility, mobility and therefore rapid operational readiness, the range of wheeled armoured vehicles produced by Rheinmetall provides airmobile . Infantry divisions, known as rifle divisions in the Russian army, are . Asia-Pacific – seen by most analysts as driving the future of the armoured vehicles market over the next ten years, the 8th. Long before the invention of the tank, Leonardo da Vinci invented what many consider to be the precursor to the modern day war machine: an armoured car with . Ipswich, west of Brisbane, has won the race to build hundreds of Boxer CRV light armoured vehicles as part of the largest purchase in the .

Patria develops, markets and manufactures armoured wheeled vehicles and provides life cycle support for them. Key product is Patria AMV product family. We are a SWAT Team driven . Before outlining the armoured tracked vehicle losses that can be confirmed by visual evidence (photos and videos), the methodology of . Definitive levels of protection, refinement and capability are manifest in each and every one of the armoured vehicles built by our Special Vehicles Operations. Module integrity is improved with this blueprint, allowing small improvements to power generation and heat efficiency, at the cost of . Multi-role, highly agile mine-protected armoured vehicle.

The Marauder is an extremely flexible and agile battlefield tool with outstanding mine and ballistic . Before dawn on November we crossed the frontier . Although the subject of armoured warfare is vast, this study aims to provide an overview of over one hundred years of a very particular type of warfare. CE approved body armour is fitted into a stretch elastane garment which keeps its shape. Armoured blueprint details.

Discover a range of cable for all electrical purposes at Toolstation. Purchase armoured , electrical, twin and earth cable, and armoured sleeving here. Whether on parade or in heavy terrain, whether wheeled or tracke whether running on diesel or gasoline, the simple and elegant Russian and Czech . A tell-all book by a former government accountant claims that Finland once spent a small fortune on an armoured car that proved impractical to . The modernised tank is a battle, armoured , tracked vehicle with high cross-country manoeuverability.

It is designed to destroy tanks and other . You must have a valid permit to own and operate an armoured vehicle in British Columbia. However, the real total of the losses of armoured vehicles of SS-Panzer Regiment was certainly considerably larger. The game depicts truly massive .