Arcade light switch

Add some color and whimsy to your home with these nostalgic arcade style light switches. These arcade light switches are great for game rooms or kids rooms. Find great deals on eBay for Arcade Light Switch in Video Game and Consoles Gaming Merchandise.

Replace your light switch with a joystick with the Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate! Recapture the joy of living in the arcade as a kid with this easy-to-set-up .

The arcade light switch is a replacement light switch plate that looks like the front of an arcade machine in that it has a joystick and two arcade . Press the joystick down to turn your lights on. See those two red buttons? The Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate from ThinkGeek will not only allow you to turn your lights off and on, but it will also add a brilliant video . This device called the Power-Up is a gadget that turns your light switch into an arcade joystick.

Arcade Button Inserts: Swap buttons for switches, slots and. Ryan Crawford is raising funds for The Arcade Switch on Kickstarter!

Arcade Era light – switch covers to make you feel like a kid again. Turn on any existing light switch with a power-up joystick arcade light switch. Paying homage to the arcade style video games is this awesome Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate. The device transforms any light switch in your home into . These custom, handmade light switches are made from the actual push buttons of arcade gaming machines! Take any room a level up and unlock new achievements with this nifty arcade light switch plate.

No wiring require nine color combos to choose from. The Arcade Light Switch installs like any other household light switch, yet instead of flipping a switch you can tap one. Who wants a boring old light switch on their wall when they could have a pair of classic arcade machine buttons to bash instead?

Indulge your inner retro gamer with a light switch plate with a joystick and buttons that trigger classic arcade sounds. Buy Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate online at low price in India on Amazon. Check out Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate reviews, ratings, . Adds fun to any room, especially a game room or kids bedroom!

Easy to use, easy to clean! Double switch plate also available! The unit can replace any standard light switch plate, turning it into a.

A traditional joystick replaces your old switch nub to control the lights , . These fun light switch plates will add some excitement to any room! Styled after classic arcade buttons, these switch plate covers install easily without touching .